I believe…

by Francis


I believe in the power of experience … Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting … Walking through, riding on, climbing up, jumping off. This place, this time, and this community of people and creatures provide a wealth of opportunity to truly and fully live. We must turn every moment into a celebration of life, not by distracting ourselves from the mundane or the painful, but by fully embracing all aspects of the greater deeper experience of the world in which we live.

I believe in solitude … Meditation and prayer … Quiet and beautiful music. Time alone is a chance to look within our souls, revisit our beliefs, cultivate our mission in life.

I believe in community … Immersing ourselves in other individuals and groups … Listening carefully and pushing ourselves to see another’s point of view … Looking someone in the eye across a crowded room, even if I don’t know them, to remind them and myself of our humanity. A broad and diverse variety of human contact makes us stronger and better people. We learn from our communities, as they take on character and meaning in our lives far beyond the individuals which comprise them.

I believe in compassion, sympathy, forgiveness, and charity … Giving freely to those who ask, giving them the benefit of the doubt, assuming that, at the core, they are basically good people.

I believe in perseverance … Keeping our word and in sticking with our agreements and promises. In the end we will benefit.

I believe in self-discipline and organization … Pushing ourselves to do better, do more, and be better.

I believe in forgiveness when we don’t as well as we hoped … Understanding and learning from our mistakes.

I believe in doing things that are a little bit crazy, sometimes.