“No longer the choreographer of my life”

by Francis


The history of religion is replete with examples of people having revelations or other peak experiences during which a consciousness of God, or some other divine truth, becomes crystal clear to them. Many such people share their learnings with the rest of the world, and become known as prophets.

I would like to hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience moments of powerful and perfect revelation. I’d also like to hope that we could have that level of God consciousness all the time. But fortunately, there are events, books, messengers, and moments to remind us of the divine nature of our being, to bring us closer to the spirit within ourselves.

One such moment was the release this week of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s talk at the TED conference in Monterey.

Unlike many mystics and prophets, Dr. Taylor didn’t study holy scripture at great length, meditate every day for decades, study under a legendary guru, or take mind-enhancing drugs. She had a stroke. And as a neuroanatomist (brain scientist), she was able to observe the experience with a keen eye. Through it, she gained a deep understanding of what right brain vs. left brain thinking really means, and achieved a kind of spiritual revelation (my words, not hers). She was remarkably able to remember what happened in gross detail. She wrote a book and finally, at the TED conference in 2008, she had the chance to tell the whole story on video. And she did so with a gracious elegance that left me stunned.

“At first I was shocked to find myself inside of a silent mind, but then I was immediately captivated by the magnificence of the energy around me… And in that moment I knew that I was no longer the choreographer of my life.”

Because of her profession, Dr. Taylor understood some of the complicated science behind her stroke. It would be easy, then, to dismiss the experience itself, or even to dismiss any spiritual explanation for it. In her talk, Dr. Taylor explains the science in detail, and even handles a real human brain. But she also presents a profound and deeply moving view of her revelations. Everyone with the smallest grain of curiosity about the spiritual potential for the human mind would appreciate this video.

Is it possible that the “burning bush” experience of Moses, or Mother Theresa’s revelation on the train were actually small strokes?